2017 Summer Programs

CreatingSTEAM Program - 10 Day Program July 17- 21 and July 24-28, 2017

Location - Microsoft New York City - 11 Time Square

Students participate in a two week program Monday-Friday. Throughout the 10 day experiential learning program students gain competencies in 21st century workforce skills and awareness of STEAM career opportunities for today and in the future. Competencies that are integrated into the 10 day experience are, the Value of Lifelong Learning, Problem Solving, Self-Management, Teamwork, Collaboration On- and Offline, Information Media and Technology Skills, ICT Learning, Knowledge construction, Leaderships, Life and Career Skills.

The age requirements are 13-18 years old.  Teachers and students are involved in designing and teaching the sessions or co-teaching with STEAM industry experts. The intention is to help bring new and exciting teaching experiences to our schools each year by helping teachers integrate technology into the classroom.

Our goal is always a balanced ratio of diverse students attending the conference. We create an environment that teaches students the value and importance of diversity in working in teams to innovate for our future. Students have the opportunity to learn about the latest technology initiatives in the industry and how those initiatives will create innovation and new career opportunities. Our parents are involved in the conference on the last day so that we ensure the support and understanding of the opportunities for our students as they engage with their parents around career ideas.

To learn more about the program check out our blog page from last year's program.

Applications to apply to participate are now open: This is a FREE program to empower students with 21st Century Workforce Skills.  Students will be selected based on their essay and desire to be a part of this exciting experience.

In Each Round, we will select from students who have applied within that Round Schedule.

Applications may roll over into additional rounds depending on total number of applicants and available seats. Prompt submissions will increase the chance of consideration.

Below is the Round 1-3 Schedule.

Round 1 is open now and will end at midnight on May 12th

Students who apply in Round 1 will be notified of selection on May 26th via email

Round 2 begins on May 13th and will end at midnight on May 26

Students who apply in Round 2 will be notified of selection on June 9th

Round 3 begins on May 27th and will end at midnight on June 9th

Students who apply  in Round 3 will be notified of selection on June 23rd.

Dear Parent/Guardian, the cost for the event is FREE. You will need to enter billing information but DO NOT enter your credit card information. Leave the credit card information blank and click submit. Thank you for your patience.

CreatingSTEAM Student Application 2017
Complete Application to Apply to Program

Once notified of selection via email you will be sent instructions to register for optional transportation and food.

Transportation is $50 for the 10 days,for participants commuting from Long Island only.  Bus pick locations on Long Island will be determined at a later date. Optional lunch can be purchased for $150 for the 10 days.  Only full 10 day lunch options will be provided. 

Check out images from 2016 CreatingSTEAM program

Each year we have industry experts in fields across (STEAM) Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math join us for panel discussions to share their career experience and answer questions from the students.

At the close of the program each year our student teams present to a panel of judges to compete for fun prizes.  Parents are invited to join us to be a part of this exciting moment where students share their experience and what they have learned over the 10 days with us.