Meet the Team

Individually Strong, Collectively Powerful
— The WCTDs Team

In today’s world, we are not isolated by the locations we work in. Everything we do is connected in so many ways. An action locally creates ripples that reach across the world. It’s crucial to our future to understand that – to not only adapt to that reality but to embrace it and use it to our advantage.  Our team is dedicated to leading the way to create powerful ripples across the globe.  Bridging our communities to connect the dots to bring awareness to teachers, students, and parents the opportunities across STEAM careers and the workforce skills of the 21st Century required to succeed.

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Meet Our Sponsors

Through partnerships withtechnology industry leaders, we will help populate STEAM related fields with qualified focused students whose hunger for continued knowledge in higher education programs will sustain the workforce of the future.  These partnerships will enable our students to engage with mentors and coaches, and be actively involved in job shadowing and internships. We Connect The Dots affords students the ability to experience career opportunities and determine the right path for continued education.

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